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Let's Have FUN!

We are going to try our best to keep our patrons smiling. Below are things which we believe will help keep you all happy. If you can think of anything else PLEASE tell us about it and you know we are always listening.

To Learn More about each type of fun we are offering, just click on the item and the tab will flip over to tell you more... 

Adult Swim

Life is hectic on a daily basis and our goal when creating the Tucker's Brand was to be Happy, Positive and a Overall Fun environment! So... We created Tucker's Adult Swim. While we want kids in our establishment we also want the adults to have a good time, let loose and relax! Everyday at 6pm our staff will blow their whistles letting everyone know that it's 7pm, time for kids to go home and time for the adults to have Adult Swim time.

Holiday Celebrations

We take holiday celebrations seriously @ Tucker's! Sock Day? WE ARE CELEBRATING! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for the next Celebration!

Board & Table Games

We are here to have FUN! So we thought it would nice to have some board games along with other fun games which include: Jenga Monopoly Cards Against Humanity Decks of Cards Connect 4 Uno LRC Parcheesi Sorry Backgammon Yahtzee Table Top Hook Toss Chess

Karaoke - Coming Soon

We plan on offering Karaoke a little differently. We refuse to just use the same Karaoke company or guy which goes to all the bars around Pasadena where they have some patrons who simply scream the song, its brutal to listen too and overall is not an enjoyable experience for anyone. If this was the case we would rather not do it and save the headache. We only want those who are truly trying to provide our patrons and their audience with something memorable...

Tucker's Comedy Series By Ty Clay

Life is hard enough these days and we are focused on laughs and good times. Our Goal is to work with local comedians throughout Maryland to offer our patrons some humor free of charge. We will not charge a cover, we will possibly look into an open mic option too allowing those who feel they are funny but if they suck expect to hear a boo here and there lol. It truly takes a lot of guts to get up and speak in front of people. This should be fun! Interested in joining our series? Please sign up @ tuckerscomedy.com

Tucker's Dating Game - Coming Soon

Dating these days is flat-out exhausting! The day and age where you could meet someone nice that you are actually interested in doesn't seem to happen anymore. We want to bring it back, we have the establishment which is perfectly set up for it and when we turn the lights down the setting is truly perfect for it! The question is will our patrons be interested in it? Well? We will try and see if we can make it work! Tucker's Match Making Services are in full effect LOL. We are working on setting up The Dating Game!

Blue Collar Weds.

Everyone who isn't a CEO! You need your own day too! Super affordable beers and drinks with some good bar food. Need a ride???? We got you! Taxi Mike is ready to help you out!

Thursday Night Girls Night Out

Ladies.... You need your own night! You need a night out! You need to get your girls together, we will pick your crew up and bring you to Tucker's. We will feed you and hydrate you affordably and then take you you all home safely. You have your own night @ Tucker's!

Monday Bingo Night

BINGO!!!!!!! Yes, we are serious! Have a drink. Play Some Bingo. Win some KICK ASS prizes and HAVE FUN! Yessssss! We are talking about old school Bingo! Who wants in?

Tuesday Trivia Night w/ Dan Calhount

Think you are good @ Trivia? WELL BRING IT! Bring Your Team! Dan Calhoun runs the best local Trivia every Tuesday Night @ 8pm!


Play Pool on our customer Tucker's Blue pool table. Our table has customer rails and pockets. We have had some of Pasadena's best come by and try it out and they are very happy with it. They said there are no easy shots on this table with the rails being hard and the pockets being very tight. Come try it out and let us know what you think. Also, leave the quarters at home. Our table takes dollar bills.

Tom Marstons Naughty Bingo

Drag Bingo???? YES! Don't knock it till you tried it! And you haven't truly tried one till you tried Tom Marston's version!

Friday Nights w/Ray Bachman

Looking for a local bar in Anne Arundel County where you can enjoy the environment and enjoy yourself with friends or meet new ones? Welcome To Tucker's! Sit back and enjoy yourself while Ray Bachman plays yours requests.

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