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1.18.22 Year End Review & Hello 2022

2022 Review & Goals: Thank you all for supporting our bar and our teams venture in 2021. Our 5 month test to see what worked and what didn’t in 2021 was very helpful. What did work was that we had a core team which is mostly what the team still exists of and they came together to successfully serve almost 100,000 drinks and 15,000 meals! Not bad for a little bar on a corner in Pasadena. We have become known for being an awesome atmosphere, laid back feel and many have said it’s not like any other bar in Pasadena. So yes…. We are Thankful! It’s your bar and you have made it truly amazing! While we had one idea of how this bar would go everyone else had a different outlook. With having so many diffferent demographics we have a lot to do to make it even better. We have asked questions the entire way and listened to all of your feedback. ( telltuckers.com ) for anyone else who would like to leave us feedback.

We have included you all and been very transparent since day 1 so we will kick off every new year with changes and improvements we plan on implementing in the new year: Positive Momentum: We want to strive to be better. We want progress together. We want to make the environment and experience even better! Patron Retention: I have never gone in a bar and the staff actually care if I was happy or not or if I was even coming back. That’s a goal for all involved in our bar in 2022. Maybe if you message us any time of day or night and tell us. We don’t mind at all and wanna know. So if we messed up please tell us! Don’t want to confront anyone? Use Telltuckers.com

Service times: we have heard the complaints about how long it takes to get your drinks to you. We will run beer tubs by the Willys sign so you don’t have to wait for beer. We have tested it numerous times and it works well. Cleanliness: we have always wanted to keep the place clean as possible but with our lack of success in finding good barbacks it was followed through. We have made changes and you should already see significant progress in how clean and in order the bar is now.


Staff/Team: from the start we had complaints about numerous team members, we listened. We have our teams back and will do all that we can to keep them and guide and teach them. Some cannot be saved and aren’t willing to change. You don’t want to listen to their problems, they are supposed to listen to yours. We have never had an issue hiring and are about interview many new possible team members. If you have any issues please let us know. Music Upon Reuest: we have been asked to have better music so we have addressed that with bringing in some well known names to play music for you upon request. Events: You have all told us that you don’t care so much about saving a buck as much as you do about having a good time, good mood, good atmosphere and an overall good time. So that’s what we are giving you. Please pay attention to our website www.ilovetuckers.com for all related to our website.


Security: we have dealt with security seriously since day 1. We are the only smaller bar around that has security every night since beginning. We have adjusted through the ebe and flow as we progressed. There was a few week period where there were multiple fights. As always there was an issue and we addressed the situation immediately. Those involved have all been banned. We hired AACO Police. We added Security and we have been well under control. Banning: we have a list of about 30 who are banned. We don’t want to ban anyone but if you think we are just going to let the same people come in cause tension and make anyone uncomfortable youbare confused. We have 2 types of banning which is someone who is a regular and never caused any issues and has an off night and the regular pain in the ass trying to mess up the bar or fight and ruin everyone’s mood and those are gone for good. We will not anyone to ruin our bar. Other items are being worked on right now and as soon as there are solutions and final plans in place you will all be included. While it was a book it’s keeping those of you who support the bar in the loop to make sure you are all updated.



10.12.2021 Events Begin @ Tucker's

It took us about a month to get the right Events Cooridnator at Tucker's to truly create the concepts, gather customer feedback and then to make them become a reality. Last night we had our first scheduled event!  Monday Night Game Night, the game was Jenga!   We had about 20 people play, have fun and win prizes!  Overall it was a great start!  Now we will continue with the momentum and we will start filling the calendar every week leading to you having more fun! Thank you all for your support!




8.16.21 Off To A HOT START!

We have been open for 6 weeks.  Its been amazing but there is a lot to work on.  We worked on the bar for 18 months then it finally opened and it has grown in visitor count every week but we know this wont last forever and then it will be time to get to work on taking all feedback and fixing all issues we see related to being a new business and growth.  We truly appreciate all of your support. 



7.29.2021 Tucker's Team In Nashville, TN! (TY Jenna!)


7.24.2021 Capital Gazette (Keeping business afloat: Anne Arundel County to continue allowing to-go alcohol for restaurants.)


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