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About Tucker's Drink | Eat | Smile

Welcome To Tucker's!
You're going to love us.

Simply Put... We are a local bar & resarauant locaed in Pasadena, MD which offers local patrons things done a little differently... We have created a place which you can go to for breakfast, lunch, dinner & happy hour.  You can bring your kids Monday - Sunday till 6pm.   We have drivers ready to pick you up within 4 miles for $5.  We will reward you for carpooling with a free draft of your choice.  Overall... We will do all that we can to make you enjoy your experience and before you walk out you cannot wait to come back! 

Why Choose Tucker's?

You Want To Have Fun With Friends.

Included in our logo is the saying it says: "See Old Friends * Meet New Ones" and this is one of our top goals.  We want to create a local place where everyone knows each other.  Pasadena is a small place where most know each other but there are some which dont and we want Tucker's to be the place where they do.  


Call Or Text Us

Ready to come to Tucker's? All you need to do is call or text us and we will have drivers who have agreed to help our customers by picking them up within 4 miles for $5 and up to $10 for over.

Pick Up

You get picked up by a cheery Tucker's team member who is ready to tell you jokes (they truly aren't that funny.) to get you warmed up for another great experience.


You get to the bar, if you have been there before the Tucker's team should know who you are and will welcome you and ask you what will you have, if they dont know already!


You get your drink of choice the way that you want it. If ever an issue in any way we want to know and want our patrons to be comfortable with our team to tell us.


You have had some drinks and get a little hungry... You order from our menu which offers quality food which isn't just fried and thrown on a plate filled with grease. We focus on healthier and lighter yet still delicious.


You will enjoy the experience in spending time with old or new friends.

Have Fun

You have followed the Drink, Eat, Smile goals which we have set and now its time for a few more drinks. You can also take some selfies in front our well lit selfie wall, play pool on our top of the line brand new Diamond pool table, listen to music on our Touch Tunes jukebox from your phone, play darts or even play keno.

Another Visit Comes To An End

You have enjoyed yourself at Tucker's once again! You are ready to go home and we are here to help.

Ride Home



You let our team know that you are ready to go home, we contact our driver to pick you up for $5 up to 4 miles, $up to $10 for over 4 miles. You arrive home safely and you say to yourself... "Thats the way it should be when you go to and support a local establishment.)

Free Ride Home


Thank You!

Thank You. We truly are grateful that you have given us another opportunity to be your local bar & restaurant where you were able to Drink, Eat & Smile! We hope to see you again very soon.
Tucker's Drink | Eat | Smile Begins

Where our journey
all started.

March 2020 -
The Tucker's Team
takes over
The Old Willy D's

It all begins...

March 2020 -
The Tucker's Team
takes over
The Old Willy D's

April 2020 - The outside of the
building is restored.

We have removed all the debris from the property.  We have painted, roofed, added new gutters, installed lattice (they are not pallets lol) graded the parking lot, installed lighting & more. 

May 2020 - The Inside

Demo has been fully compelted, the infamous "Floor" has been fully addressed, the bar itself is coming togehter. The electrical has been corrected and passed inspection.  Plumbing correction is almost complete. 

May 2020 - The Inside

May 2020- Inside Rehab Begins
Lots Of Work To Do

While demo has been completed... putting a bar built in 1936 back together is not easy in any way.  

June 2020 - December 2020
Work Halts

During this time frame we waited on permitting and additional issues which needed to be addressed with the county. The County offices are closed at this time and communication breaks down.  We are truly stuck during this time. 

June 2020 - December 2020
Work Halts

December 2020

Issues with County are corrected and we start work again.  

Jan 2021 -

Work continues...   Next month is our Liquor Board Hearing.  

Jan 2021 -

Feb 23rd 2021

Liquor Board Hearing Day...  Approved!   Huge Step Accompished! 

May 25th 2021

Inspections are complete and we have passed all!   Its now time to get our Liquor License and OPEN THEM DOORS! 

May 25th 2021

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